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Izzati (kakak) kanan dan Auntie Joan ziarahi pusara Tok Pa (ayahanda Suleiman Rahiman di Makam Mahmoodiah, Johor Bahru, "once upon a time" not so long ago.

Once upon a time,

I finally got my driving licence but still scared to drive around. Had no choice but to ask Faiz to be my co-pilot. Despite my constant requests, Faiz refused most of the time by giving me all sorts of excuses which i thought irrelevant. Pernah merajuk ngan Faiz psl tu.... huhuhu.... But sometimes he just agreed. Being in the car with him made me feel even more scared. He didn't stop yelling the same words along the way.. 'brake', 'tukar gear, 'nnti mati enjin' n 'tekan minyak' over and over again.

Izzati, my only child at that time would always be sitting at the back seat. She was about one year old. When I felt a bit confident, I took Izzati 'jalan-jalan' in my red kancil. One day, when I was driving without Faiz for the first time I was so shocked coz Izzati also s...
houted the same words just like Faiz did. I could not stop laughing as I knew she could hardly comprehend the words she was uttering. However, her voice made me feel very comfortable. Thank you, dear!

After 16 years,

Now it's Izzati's turn to be behind the wheel. She asked me to accompany her for extra driving lessons. I agreed instantly as I did not want to pay extra money if she had to repeat the test. Believe it or not, I was shouting the same words she shouted to me 16 years ago. OMG! Soon I realized that it was a spontaneous reaction and was actually a 'must' in order to reach our destiny safely. I only agreed to teach her twice as I could not bare it anymore. Every time coming out from the car with Izzati, my head's spinning. But not to worry about it as it would go away after taking a panadol.

Now only I discover the reason Faiz refused to accompany me most of the time. Feel like apologizing to him but he is no longer around...too late, hah...

The best of all, Izzati now finally got her driving licence on 24th May 2012. Congratulations dear! Now she drives to tuition center herself and help me with other chores as well. Feel a bit relieved now as we can take turn driving especially in our long journey to Kelantan or Johor sometimes. Always remind her not to get too excited and to always be careful. Whenever she is alone driving, I'll never stop praying for her safety but I have to learn to let her go... that's life...
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  • You and Iwan Fadzil like this.

    • Iwan Fadzil arwah bile di dlm kete mmg biase terkeluar marah dia..
      about an hour ago via mobile ·

    • Rosmawati Yunus Dia pemandu berhemah wan. Bayangkan blk kelntn bwk 90km/h.....brp jam br nak sampai...sabar je lah...x msk berenti setiap kali jumpa gas station...
      18 minutes ago via mobile ·

    • Ahmad Fadzil Yassin dan abah masih ingat bila arwah bawa kereta, kalau ngantuk kedua-dua bahunya akan daiangkat ke atas-atas beberapa kali, dan akan minum 100 plus. itu kesan pertama abah bila naik kereta Nazaria bersamanya menuju kelate. Abah terlalu merindukan wajahnya, kadang-kadang termenung lama dalam bilik pc mengingatinya. Abah terhibur bila melihat Irfan berjalan. Dari belakang jalannya mirip jalan arwah abahnya. Dialah penghibur abah sekarang setiap kali Ros ziarah ke rumah.
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